Kitchen Remodel in Marlton, NJ

Kitchen Remodel in Marlton

Josh and Marissa needed a kitchen remodel in Marlton, NJ, so they called Dixie. The couple to add a larger island with room for plenty to their kitchen space. This larger area was meant to make it easier to work with cutlery and other cooking supplies with a designated spot for wine and beverages The entire aesthetic was to be updated with efficient storage room. They wanted to base their design with details that reflected the family friendly atmosphere they hope to keep, but also gives a sense of elegance.

The idea was: storage. Create as much room as possible, but for people. They did this by incorporating a wall implanted microwave and oven. To consolidate the area, they built a specific beverage center and appliance garage to house utensils.

“Dixie and the Cabinet Tree provided us with high class service, and high-quality products. Dixie did a tremendous job in listening to our thoughts and incorporating them into our design. We absolutely love our new kitchen.”
-Josh S. of Marlton, NJ

Features of Kitchen Remodel in Marlton NJ:

  • Larger island with plenty of seating
  • Updated look with efficient storage
  • Design details for an elegant but family friendly design
  • Larger cooking area with easy reach tools and supplies
  • A spot for wine and beverages
  • Incorporated microwave/wall oven
  • Stunning Fieldstone Cabinetry


Photos of Kitchen Remodel in Marlton NJ: