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Whether you’re ready to transform your kitchen into a standout space or are still considering options, Cabinet Tree Design Studio is your solution for kitchen cabinets in Evesham, NJ!

Invest in beauty, function, and value to create your dream kitchen, bath, laundry, or mud room. Leave those outdated layouts in the past where they belong and celebrate a fresh, stunning design.

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You love seeing other people’s remodels; we all do! Have a look at our photo gallery and imagine how our quality craftsmanship and original designs will transform your kitchen, bathroom, or other crucial space. You’re also invited to read what it’s like working with us. Get the story behind each remodel on our Featured Projects page.

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The Cabinet Tree Design Studio has 100 years of design experience, bringing feeling, functionality, cost control, value, and plenty of choices to our remodels.

Do you want manufactured, cost-effective solutions or custom-made cabinets? Choose eco-friendly, low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) options, semi-custom, or stock cabinets that we can deliver in just a few days. Custom projects take 10-16 weeks of skilled craftsmanship, and the wait is worth it.

We’re like you: we want quality products and functional, striking designs in our homes. We make sustainable choices as often as possible. Our team approach means you get a cohesive group of experts, each playing to their strengths to deliver outstanding results.

We bring designs to life with large screens and detailed printouts, helping you visualize your new space so the finished installation exceeds all your expectations.


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