Our Design Process

Experienced in all phases of design and construction, the designers at The CabinetTree Design Studio bring exceptional support to any project. Our professionals assist a host of local builders, architects and interior design/decorators in providing cabinetry design, and exceptional products successfully to clients throughout New Jersey, Philadelphia and the Jersey shore areas. Our 20 years of experience encompasses all phases of design and construction. Our experience allows our team to bridge typical communication gaps between designers, builders, interior decorators, installers and homeowners.

Understanding the skill sets required to bring an enjoyable experience and successful experience to a client, The Cabinet Tree Design Studio team has the right network of professionals who deliver to our clients beautiful and functional cabinetry . When needed, our designers often assist clients in choosing an architect, interior decorator, remodeling company or builder that exceed our client’s expectations.

A simple and comprehensive process for our client’s success.

1.Initial visit to the CabinetTree Design Studio showroom
During this time you will meet our staff, and outline your vision and dreams for the project. You’ll select your door style and finish from hundreds of current and traditional looks.

2.Visit your home and/or review the Architects Plans
Once we see the space, we take the specific measurements from either blue prints or an in-home meeting for measurement by one of our designers.

3.Preliminary Design
During this phase, scale designs are made and presented to the client for a “walk-thru”. This is to ensure the design and function meet your dreams. We’ll present to you a visual on a large screen what your kitchen will look like at the end of installation. Just prior to completely the design, if construction changes are being made to the space, we will measure again to ensure the design specs are correct.

Design Process
Cabinets Installation

4.Design Complete
This is as simple as signing the order for the manufacturer’s purchase.

5.Order Placed
After your delivery date is scheduled, the payments are reviewed and made by the client.

6.Countertops, Tile, Flooring, Lighting, etc.
We help our clients by being able, at our client’s request, to point them in the direction of suppliers where you can select all the items that put the finishing touches on your dream. Often these providers are within the Cherry Hill area, many within the same building we occupy.

7.On-Going Communication
Throughout the process, in every step, we’ll keep you in the loop. During installation, It’s important for all moving parts to act as one unit. There is on-going communication between the designer, you the client, and all the varying the product installers.

8.Cabinetry Installed
This is where the dream becomes reality. We will visit your home once again, examine the installed cabinetry, and most importantly: make sure your dream came true. Upon completion, we gladly take pictures or video to capture the beauty and your comments. We celebrate with you.

Kitchen Design

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