Laundry & Mudrooms

The Cabinet Tree Studio in Cherry Hill is here for you and your need to upgrade and improve your South Jersey laundry & mudrooms in your home. Our design team has the experience and background you need to design a new space that makes everything easier and looks great too!

Clean, cleaner, and cleanest, mudroom to laundry. Whether it’s the kids after a game, or the lawn cut and garden work - coming back into a home after a workout of any kind to keep everything spic and span, clean and easy, starts with a good design and smart planning. You need a place for everything and perhaps everything in its place! You also need smart and easy access, and a place to leave the dirt with an easy access way to the laundry.

We believe that good design is essential in creating functional and practical living spaces. 

South Jersey Laundry & Mudrooms

Our products are designed with the customer in mind, and we strive to provide easy access and smart planning solutions. Our mudroom cabinets are designed to provide storage space for coats, shoes, bags, and other outdoor gear. Our laundry cabinets are designed to offer ample space for dirty clothes and easy access for laundry tasks.

We only use high-quality materials in our products and we offer our products in a range of styles and finishes to complement any home décor. We believe that every home deserves to be clean, and our products are designed to help homeowners achieve that goal. Our products are not only functional but also stylish, adding value to the home.

That’s the idea - yet each home has a different layout, and each family a different set of needs. So, we look, and we listen. Then we design and plan, and design and remake your South Jersey laundry & mudrooms to your individual needs and your budget.

Teach us about what you believe your needs to be, provide us access to those areas, and then leave it to us to design to your dream.

The designers at the Cabinet Tree Design Studio are ready to make it happen for you. Arrange an appointment, or visit our showroom in Cherry Hill to see and touch our products for yourself, and see how they can work in your home!

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