Kitchen Remodel In Marlton, NJ

Full Kitchen Remodel In Marlton, NJ

Cabinet Tree recently completed a project of a full kitchen remodel in Marlton, NJ for our new clients who felt it was time to update their kitchen. The clients Mr. and Mrs. Stone wanted a change of scenery in their kitchen as their old tiled floors, cabinets, and appliances felt dated. They wanted to get a new modern look in their kitchen, after a bit of a search they found Cabinet Tree, and once they saw what we can do to a kitchen they reached out. We had Rob Stango meet with the Stone to have a talk with Mr. and Mrs. Stone to get an idea of what they are looking for, then draw up a design for their dream kitchen, and to give them an estimate. Once the Stones saw what we had planned and agreed to what we had come up with, we sent out our installation team. We removed the supporting column and walls, stripped the ceiling and installed a new ceiling joist throughout the entire room. This gave us more room to work with in creating this beautiful kitchen space. We then removed the appliances and moved them to a safe place, we then removed all old cabinetry and replaced it with new maple wood cabinets. We increased the size of the island in the middle by double its original size!

The next steps of the full kitchen remodel in Marlton, NJ, was to install the new built in appliances such as a new stove top, 2 new in the wall ovens, appliance panels on fridge, a custom wood hood, new refrigerator drawers in the island, new storage drawers around the stove range, new microwaves in the island and near the fridge, and a built in coffee maker. Each of these appliances were installed with care and our team made sure to install under cabinet lighting, and that each installed item was flush with the rest of the installation items. At Cabinet Tree we make sure to do every installation, remodel, or replacement correctly as to not cause the clients any trouble. Reach out to us today to learn more about our process, and to make your own dream kitchen a reality.

“We are absolutely thrilled with our new kitchen! Working with Rob was so easy and enjoyable. He was always available, answering all calls, and questions promptly. He knows his business and took care of making sure everything was perfect! We would highly recommend him, Thanks Rob!”
~Mr. Stone

Features of This Remodel:

  • Maple Wood Cabinets
  • Cherry Wood Island
  • Joist Ceilings
  • Under Counter Lighting
  • Increased Island Size
  • Microwave Drawer
  • Appliance Panels on Fridge
  • Custom Wood Hood
  • Refrigerator Drawers
  • Range Storage
  • Stove Top Range
  • Double Wall Oven
  • Custom Legs On Island
  • Touch Latch on Front of Cabinet Doors
  • Touch Latch on Back of Island Doors

Photos of Full Kitchen Remodel in Marlton NJ: