Kitchen Renovation in Medford Lakes

Kitchen Renovation in Medford Lakes

Meg recently worked with Barbara, a client who needed a kitchen renovation in Medford Lakes, NJ. The original Grafton Builder-home kitchen was in need of updating. Barbara was looking to redefine the space by designing a new kitchen layout while keeping the hallmarks of its classic feel.

The kitchen had quite a bit of work that needed to be put into it. Despite these necessary changes, Barbara wanted to keep the warmth of the original knotty pine cabin-style wood. For her spice cabinet, they agreed to eliminate the original curtain-fabric door configuration and Meg dedicated a lighted glass door to the new cabinet.

Barbara also wanted the new kitchen to function better, by relocating her range and dishwasher. New quartz countertops were to be added to give a concrete aesthetic without the downsides of legitimate concrete. Barbara expressed a desire for accents of blue, her favorite color.

They worked together to select a warm wood finish and simple door style that would be in keeping with the rest of her home. Due to the narrow dimension, Barbara couldn’t have a true island, but still wanted extra workspace, so different options were considered. Ultimately, they worked with her installer to create the movable table in the center and top it with the same “concrete”-look quartz she selected for the kitchen otherwise.

After completion Barbara was thrilled! She said:

“I worked with Meg S. and she was wonderful. Meg, thanks again so much for everything you did to make this a great experience! –I appreciate all of the extra time you put in to work with my many changes! You’ll get my high recommendation when the opportunities arise. I look forward to having our paths cross again one day.”

Features of This Kitchen Renovation in Medford Lakes:

  • Maple, stained cabinetry to keep the warmth of the wood in the original knotty pine cabin-style cabinetry from 50+ years ago.
  • Eliminate the soffits and crown the new cabinetry with a classic, simple cove molding.
  • Dedicate a lighted, glass-door cabinet for her spices to replace the existing spice cabinet with
    impractical cloth inserts.
  • Make the kitchen work triangle more functional, by relocating the range and dishwasher.
  • New, easy to maintain, quartz countertops to give the look of concrete without the downsides of real concrete tops.
  • Tie in her love of the color blue as an accent.

We were more than happy to give Barbara the kitchen she envisioned! If you’re looking for kitchen renovation in Medford Lakes, give us a call today!

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