Before Remodeling Your Kitchen Consider These Factors

What should you do before remodeling your kitchen? When remodeling your kitchen, it can be a big project, which is why it is essential to do your research and preparation before diving in. Here at the Cabinetry Design Studios, we want to help pave the way to a smooth kitchen remodel, so we’ve compiled a list of 4 things you should do before remodeling your kitchen.

Think About Layout

Most people have certain preferences when it comes to kitchen layout. Some prefer an open floor plan while others like to keep their prep space separate from their dining area. Think about how much storage you need, how much prep space is necessary, and if you have any special requests like a double oven for an avid baker. All of these aspects are important ones to note before you begin the process. We recommend making a list of wants and needs and then work from that when choosing your features.

Choose Your Colors

Before remodeling your kitchen, make a pinterest board, pinning what you like and what styles you gravitate towards. This will help you with your design process, especially when you utilize professional help with cabinet designers and specialists from the Cabinetry Design Studios. It’s important that you not only get what you need but that what you need is something you like. Kitchens hold a special place in a lot of hearts, so yours should reflect who you are.

Consider Time & Budget

Depending on the amount of work you’re having done in your remodel, you may have to abide by a strict timeline. There is often a specific order that remodeling teams prefer to assemble a new kitchen in, so working with a team of designers will help you move the process along smoothly so that everything gets done in a timely manner. However, before you even get to any of these steps, you should stop and consider your budget both for materials and labor. Write down how much you’re willing to spend and stick by that along the way. A helpful hint: leave yourself some wiggle room for any hiccups you hit along the way!

Consult with Professionals

As mentioned earlier, working with skilled professionals can bring a bit of peace to the process and allow you to enjoy some of the remodel’s more creative aspects, leaving the logistics to the professionals. If this is something you’re considering, the Cabinetry Design Studios professionals are here and ready to help. Contact us below!

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